QQQ   337.27 (+1.86%)
AAPL   175.05 (+1.37%)
MSFT   318.52 (+1.44%)
META   246.85 (+1.80%)
GOOGL   122.83 (+1.65%)
AMZN   118.15 (+2.29%)
TSLA   176.89 (+1.74%)
NVDA   316.78 (+4.97%)
NIO   7.82 (-2.62%)
BABA   85.77 (-5.41%)
AMD   107.93 (+4.03%)
T   16.55 (-0.66%)
F   11.64 (+1.22%)
MU   67.57 (+4.08%)
CGC   1.05 (+0.00%)
GE   104.01 (+0.52%)
DIS   93.76 (+1.07%)
AMC   5.07 (-0.59%)
PFE   36.48 (-0.73%)
PYPL   61.27 (-0.31%)
NFLX   371.29 (+9.22%)
QQQ   337.27 (+1.86%)
AAPL   175.05 (+1.37%)
MSFT   318.52 (+1.44%)
META   246.85 (+1.80%)
GOOGL   122.83 (+1.65%)
AMZN   118.15 (+2.29%)
TSLA   176.89 (+1.74%)
NVDA   316.78 (+4.97%)
NIO   7.82 (-2.62%)
BABA   85.77 (-5.41%)
AMD   107.93 (+4.03%)
T   16.55 (-0.66%)
F   11.64 (+1.22%)
MU   67.57 (+4.08%)
CGC   1.05 (+0.00%)
GE   104.01 (+0.52%)
DIS   93.76 (+1.07%)
AMC   5.07 (-0.59%)
PFE   36.48 (-0.73%)
PYPL   61.27 (-0.31%)
NFLX   371.29 (+9.22%)
QQQ   337.27 (+1.86%)
AAPL   175.05 (+1.37%)
MSFT   318.52 (+1.44%)
META   246.85 (+1.80%)
GOOGL   122.83 (+1.65%)
AMZN   118.15 (+2.29%)
TSLA   176.89 (+1.74%)
NVDA   316.78 (+4.97%)
NIO   7.82 (-2.62%)
BABA   85.77 (-5.41%)
AMD   107.93 (+4.03%)
T   16.55 (-0.66%)
F   11.64 (+1.22%)
MU   67.57 (+4.08%)
CGC   1.05 (+0.00%)
GE   104.01 (+0.52%)
DIS   93.76 (+1.07%)
AMC   5.07 (-0.59%)
PFE   36.48 (-0.73%)
PYPL   61.27 (-0.31%)
NFLX   371.29 (+9.22%)
QQQ   337.27 (+1.86%)
AAPL   175.05 (+1.37%)
MSFT   318.52 (+1.44%)
META   246.85 (+1.80%)
GOOGL   122.83 (+1.65%)
AMZN   118.15 (+2.29%)
TSLA   176.89 (+1.74%)
NVDA   316.78 (+4.97%)
NIO   7.82 (-2.62%)
BABA   85.77 (-5.41%)
AMD   107.93 (+4.03%)
T   16.55 (-0.66%)
F   11.64 (+1.22%)
MU   67.57 (+4.08%)
CGC   1.05 (+0.00%)
GE   104.01 (+0.52%)
DIS   93.76 (+1.07%)
AMC   5.07 (-0.59%)
PFE   36.48 (-0.73%)
PYPL   61.27 (-0.31%)
NFLX   371.29 (+9.22%)

Golden Cross Stocks

A golden cross occurs when a stock's 50-day moving average crosses above its 200-day moving average. This page tracks stocks that have set golden crosses sometime within the last seven days. Learn more about golden crosses.

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CompanyCurrent Price50-Day Moving Average200-Day Moving AverageVolumeAverage VolumeIndicator(s)
argenx SE stock logo
$380.61$377.57281,027235,772Short Interest ↓
DBV Technologies S.A. stock logo
DBV Technologies
$1.66$1.5039,86595,863Analyst Report
Viant Technology Inc. stock logo
Viant Technology
$4.33$4.2236,44758,574News Coverage
Gap Up
eBay Inc. stock logo
$43.75$44.543.24 million4.73 millionAnalyst Report
Insider Selling
Charles & Colvard, Ltd. stock logo
Charles & Colvard, Ltd.
$1.00$0.9462,379109,898Analyst Report
First Watch Restaurant Group, Inc. stock logo
First Watch Restaurant Group
$15.78$15.48226,362205,936Positive News
Digimarc Co. stock logo
$19.43$20.22279,17690,246High Trading Volume
Credit Suisse X-Links Gold Shares Covered Call ETN stock logo
Credit Suisse X-Links Gold Shares Covered Call ETN
$147.53$146.354,1465,422News Coverage
Hut 8 Mining Corp. stock logo
Hut 8 Mining
$1.79$1.598.75 million10.78 million
First Trust Dorsey Wright DALI 1 ETF stock logo
First Trust Dorsey Wright DALI 1 ETF
$25.59$25.097,40117,416Positive News
iShares iBonds Dec 2024 Term Treasury ETF stock logo
iShares iBonds Dec 2024 Term Treasury ETF
$23.95$23.90607,863670,604Positive News
Paltalk, Inc. stock logo
Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. stock logo
Onconova Therapeutics
$0.91$0.8646,547487,856Analyst Revision
POINT Biopharma Global Inc. stock logo
POINT Biopharma Global
$7.77$7.47812,856632,802Analyst Revision
LianBio stock logo
$2.00$1.91728,456249,738Positive News
High Trading Volume
electroCore, Inc. stock logo
Security National Financial Co. stock logo
Security National Financial
$6.88$6.9030,82016,472Analyst Report
News Coverage
Evolus, Inc. stock logo
MEI Pharma, Inc. stock logo
MEI Pharma
Revolution Medicines, Inc. stock logo
Revolution Medicines
$22.78$23.63711,2531.13 millionGap Down
Accel Entertainment, Inc. stock logo
Accel Entertainment
$8.95$8.83232,026205,046Insider Selling
Brookfield Renewable Co. stock logo
Brookfield Renewable
SSR Mining Inc. stock logo
SSR Mining
$15.22$15.261.36 million1.60 millionAnalyst Downgrade
Insider Buying
Vincerx Pharma, Inc. stock logo
Vincerx Pharma
$1.17$1.0649,40068,298Positive News
PLAYSTUDIOS, Inc. stock logo
$4.02$4.09361,445281,475Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Talaris Therapeutics, Inc. stock logo
Talaris Therapeutics
Shockwave Medical, Inc. stock logo
Shockwave Medical
VirTra, Inc. stock logo
$5.06$4.80296,37948,717High Trading Volume
TCR2 Therapeutics Inc. stock logo
TCR2 Therapeutics
TScan Therapeutics, Inc. stock logo
TScan Therapeutics
$2.60$2.36346,143969,425Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Gap Down
Shenandoah Telecommunications stock logo
Shenandoah Telecommunications
$19.29$18.7574,413120,340Analyst Report
Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc. stock logo
Xenon Pharmaceuticals
$37.47$37.31232,977401,807Analyst Report
Options Volume
Analyst Revision
Zhongchao Inc. stock logo
MFS Multimarket Income Trust stock logo
MFS Multimarket Income Trust
$4.54$4.5799,034105,597Negative News
Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. stock logo
Brookfield Renewable Partners
$30.45$28.80150,168283,045Analyst Report
Positive News
Dakota Gold Corp. stock logo
Dakota Gold
Austin Gold Corp. stock logo
Austin Gold
$1.12$1.0275,786139,460Gap Up
Canada Goose Holdings Inc. stock logo
Canada Goose
$18.87$19.0212.52 million1.96 millionAnalyst Report
Options Volume
News Coverage
Gap Up
High Trading Volume
MeridianLink, Inc. stock logo
S&P Global Inc. stock logo
S&P Global
$345.80$348.491.05 million1.29 millionAnalyst Report
Insider Selling
Dollar Tree, Inc. stock logo
Dollar Tree
$148.24$148.611.62 million2.04 millionUpcoming Earnings
Analyst Report
MorphoSys AG stock logo
Galecto, Inc. stock logo
$1.95$1.9071,06562,553Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Kamada Ltd. stock logo
$4.59$4.4918,22627,866Upcoming Earnings
Analyst Report
Gap Up
Eaton Vance California Municipal Income Trust stock logo
Eaton Vance California Municipal Income Trust
ForgeRock, Inc. stock logo
$20.22$20.96398,374777,910Insider Selling
Short Interest ↓
Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. stock logo
Marathon Digital
$8.97$7.4837.46 million35.81 millionAnalyst Report
Analyst Revision
BCE Inc. stock logo
$46.26$45.93686,9471.20 million
Brown & Brown, Inc. stock logo
Brown & Brown
$60.09$58.62921,9501.25 millionAnalyst Report
Waste Management, Inc. stock logo
Waste Management
$162.09$158.771.88 million1.77 millionAnalyst Report
Vulcan Materials stock logo
Vulcan Materials
$174.13$177.57745,263780,673Dividend Announcement
Analyst Report
Colgate-Palmolive stock logo
$76.39$76.043.93 million4.72 million
Glaukos Co. stock logo
$50.53$48.65558,291397,676Analyst Report
Insider Selling
LegalZoom.com, Inc. stock logo
$9.16$8.761.58 million904,322Short Interest ↓
Mawson Infrastructure Group, Inc. stock logo
Mawson Infrastructure Group
$2.96$2.5657,55569,611Negative News
Gap Down
NeoGames S.A. stock logo
$15.00$14.46253,203178,217Analyst Downgrade
Options Volume
News Coverage
Ameren Co. stock logo
$87.24$86.711.24 million1.36 millionDividend Announcement
Analyst Report
Options Volume
Analyst Revision
Leju Holdings Limited stock logo
$1.67$1.5030,513190,093Analyst Report
Medtronic plc stock logo
$83.62$82.014.54 million6.11 millionUpcoming Earnings
Analyst Report
ResMed Inc. stock logo
$222.22$219.94444,337592,716Analyst Report
Insider Selling
Analyst Revision
STERIS plc stock logo
$189.27$188.52333,245505,438Analyst Report
Insider Selling
Analyst Revision
Why the Golden Cross is a Significant Trading Signal

Price movement is still one of the key factors in spotting a trend

A golden cross is a technical indicator that is always a predictor of a bullish trend for stocks and other securities. A golden cross forms when a short term moving average crosses over a longer term moving average. In many cases, a simple 50-day and 200-day moving average are used. This is because a longer time frame is usually predictive of a stronger rally.

In this article, we’ll define the phases of a golden cross, explain what moving averages and other indicators traders use to identify and confirm a golden. The article also addresses other topics such as how a golden cross is different from a death cross. And it will touch on some limitations to using the golden cross as a trading tool.

There are three distinct phases that investors look for when identifying a golden cross.

  • The first phase is when a security bottoms out. This indicates that selling volume is low.
  • Next, the price begins to trend upwards until the short term (or fast) moving average crosses over the long term (or slow) moving average. This is when the cross occurs.
  • The last step is a continued uptrend that signals a profitable golden cross trade.

What Simple Moving Averages do Traders Use to Identify a Golden Cross?

In general, investors look at 50-day and 200-day moving averages as the fast and slow moving averages. This is because longer moving averages tend to indicate longer, more sustained breakouts.

However, day traders will frequently use 15 minute or 30 minute moving averages for fast intraday trading. The real decision for investors when interpreting buy and sell signals is how quickly they want to enter and exit the trade.

A simple moving average is calculated by adding up the closing prices for each of the time periods represented and divide it by the overall time frame. So a simple five-day moving average is calculating by adding up the closing prices for the previous five trading days and dividing by five.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5



The moving average is (20 + 20.25 + 20.17 + 20.32 + 20.23)/5 = 100.97/5 = 20.19 SMA

At the close of the next trading day, the most recent closing price replaces the oldest price and which resets the moving average. Day traders will look for much shorter time frames such as the 5-period and 15-period moving averages as they are only concerned with profiting from intra-day price movement.

The time period of the chart can also be adjusted. Day traders may want to look at candlestick charts that are adjusted every minute or every hour. Long-term traders may be more interested in charts that show price movement in weeks or months. Like the moving average, the length of time makes a difference in how investors interpret a breakout. The longer the time frame, the stronger a golden cross breakout will tend to be.

In addition to using a simple moving average, some investors use other moving averages such as an exponential moving average (EMA) or volume-weighted moving average (VWMA) as the reference point for a golden cross.

  • Using an exponential moving average (EMA) – An exponential moving average is similar to a standard moving average with a multiplier being used that assigns more weight to recent closing prices. For some investors, this makes the EMA a more accurate indicator of price movement.
  • Using a volume-weighted moving average (VWMA) – The volume weighted moving average is similar to the exponential moving average except it puts more emphasis on the trading periods with the highest volumes. This is significant because most sustained price moves are supported by high trading volumes and can create a golden cross signal earlier than using an SMA or EMA. The VWMA is one of the best tools for detecting both when a trend is coming and when it is ending. When viewed on a daily chart, a VWMA line may appear to have more waves in it – this reflects periods of higher trading volume.
  • Using a VWMA with an SMA – In this strategy, traders can use a VWMA as their short-term moving average with an SMA as their long-term moving average. The rationale behind using the VWMA for the short-term moving average is because the short-term moving average is considered the fast moving average and is always the trigger for a golden cross. As such, the VWMA is more sensitive to a higher trading volume.

Because the golden cross is a single event, it requires sustained upward price movement to become a profitable investment. Therefore investors should use momentum indicators such as relative strength index (RSI) to help determine whether the stock they are looking at is overbought or oversold.

The RSI is an oscillator that assigns a value between 0 and 100. A security with a value above 70 is delivering an overbought (or overvalued) signal. Conversely, a security with a value below is delivering an oversold (or undervalued) indicator. Like the golden cross itself, the RSI is a lagging indicator so it is possible for prices to continue to rise even as the RSI registers an overbought condition. Similarly, the RSI may be signaling an oversold condition but the prices continue to move down. With this in mind, traders should use the oscillator in the context of the prevailing trend.

Similar to the relative strength index, another technical indicator that can be used to confirm a golden cross is the moving average convergence divergence (MACD).  The MACD shows the relationship between two exponential moving averages (the 26-day and the 12-day) which is called the MACD line. A separate nine-day EMA of the MACD is called a signal line and is shown on a daily chart as sitting on top of the MACD line. The idea is that when a security crosses above the signal line, it is a buy signal. When it crosses below the signal line it is a sell signal.

Candlestick charts are considered by some technical analysts to be a more reliable indicator of price movement. A candlestick chart clusters data for multiple time periods into single “candles”. The significance of a particular candle comes from its size, color and shading. All of these give traders more detailed information about overall price movement, thus making a golden cross more significant.

The golden cross and death cross are often times linked together. In fact, the death cross is sometimes referred to as a variation on the golden cross. Both the golden cross and death cross confirm the reversal of a trend marked by a short-term moving average crossing over a long-term moving average.

The difference between the two indicators is the direction. A golden cross is always a bullish indicator because it is showing a short-term moving average that is trending upwards. A death cross by contrast occurs when a short-term moving average crosses below a long-term moving average. This is a bearish signal. Experienced investors may use a death cross as a trading signal to take a short position on a stock. It is possible for frequently traded stocks to display a number of golden cross and death cross indicators over a period of time.

Like most technical indicators, the golden cross is a lagging indicator. This means it is only in evidence after the price movement has already happened. As we pointed out above, the third stage of a profitable golden cross pattern is sustained price movement to the upside. In many cases, a golden cross may be short-lived. If a trader takes a long position, they could be left with a losing trade. Therefore, it’s important to use different signals and indicators such as stochastic oscillators to make a more educated guess as to a trade’s direction. And, like all trades, investors need to let their own risk parameters guide their trading.

The golden cross is one of the strongest indicators of strong market sentiment in favor of a security. Most commonly defined as occurring when a short-term simple moving average (SMA) crosses above a longer-term SMA, other moving averages or a combination of moving averages can be used.

A golden cross is always a bullish signal. Conversely, a death cross is always a bearish signal. The difference between the two crosses is the direction that the security is moving. Like many technical indicators, the golden cross is a lagging indicator which means that it is only reflecting an event that has already occurred.  For investors looking to predict the strength of a golden cross, they should look at other momentum indicators such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) or Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) lines to get a better sense of overbought or oversold sentiment among investors.

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