QQQ   337.27 (+1.86%)
AAPL   175.05 (+1.37%)
MSFT   318.52 (+1.44%)
META   246.85 (+1.80%)
GOOGL   122.83 (+1.65%)
AMZN   118.15 (+2.29%)
TSLA   176.89 (+1.74%)
NVDA   316.78 (+4.97%)
NIO   7.82 (-2.62%)
BABA   85.77 (-5.41%)
AMD   107.93 (+4.03%)
T   16.55 (-0.66%)
F   11.64 (+1.22%)
MU   67.57 (+4.08%)
CGC   1.05 (+0.00%)
GE   104.01 (+0.52%)
DIS   93.76 (+1.07%)
AMC   5.07 (-0.59%)
PFE   36.48 (-0.73%)
PYPL   61.27 (-0.31%)
NFLX   371.29 (+9.22%)
QQQ   337.27 (+1.86%)
AAPL   175.05 (+1.37%)
MSFT   318.52 (+1.44%)
META   246.85 (+1.80%)
GOOGL   122.83 (+1.65%)
AMZN   118.15 (+2.29%)
TSLA   176.89 (+1.74%)
NVDA   316.78 (+4.97%)
NIO   7.82 (-2.62%)
BABA   85.77 (-5.41%)
AMD   107.93 (+4.03%)
T   16.55 (-0.66%)
F   11.64 (+1.22%)
MU   67.57 (+4.08%)
CGC   1.05 (+0.00%)
GE   104.01 (+0.52%)
DIS   93.76 (+1.07%)
AMC   5.07 (-0.59%)
PFE   36.48 (-0.73%)
PYPL   61.27 (-0.31%)
NFLX   371.29 (+9.22%)
QQQ   337.27 (+1.86%)
AAPL   175.05 (+1.37%)
MSFT   318.52 (+1.44%)
META   246.85 (+1.80%)
GOOGL   122.83 (+1.65%)
AMZN   118.15 (+2.29%)
TSLA   176.89 (+1.74%)
NVDA   316.78 (+4.97%)
NIO   7.82 (-2.62%)
BABA   85.77 (-5.41%)
AMD   107.93 (+4.03%)
T   16.55 (-0.66%)
F   11.64 (+1.22%)
MU   67.57 (+4.08%)
CGC   1.05 (+0.00%)
GE   104.01 (+0.52%)
DIS   93.76 (+1.07%)
AMC   5.07 (-0.59%)
PFE   36.48 (-0.73%)
PYPL   61.27 (-0.31%)
NFLX   371.29 (+9.22%)
QQQ   337.27 (+1.86%)
AAPL   175.05 (+1.37%)
MSFT   318.52 (+1.44%)
META   246.85 (+1.80%)
GOOGL   122.83 (+1.65%)
AMZN   118.15 (+2.29%)
TSLA   176.89 (+1.74%)
NVDA   316.78 (+4.97%)
NIO   7.82 (-2.62%)
BABA   85.77 (-5.41%)
AMD   107.93 (+4.03%)
T   16.55 (-0.66%)
F   11.64 (+1.22%)
MU   67.57 (+4.08%)
CGC   1.05 (+0.00%)
GE   104.01 (+0.52%)
DIS   93.76 (+1.07%)
AMC   5.07 (-0.59%)
PFE   36.48 (-0.73%)
PYPL   61.27 (-0.31%)
NFLX   371.29 (+9.22%)

Travel Stocks List

Travel stocks are public companies that are engaged in the business of providing transportation, accomodations, and entertainment to leisure travelers. Types of travel stocks include airlines, cruise lines, hotel chains, rental car companies, and specialty entertainment companies. This page lists the largest travel stocks in the United States stock market as determined by their market capitalizations. Learn more about investing in travel stocks.

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CompanyCurrent PricePE RatioMarket CapVolumeAverage VolumeIndicator(s)
Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. stock logo
Warner Bros. Discovery
N/A$30.21 billion16.76 million19.90 millionAnalyst Upgrade
Analyst Revision
Affirm Holdings, Inc. stock logo
N/A$4.32 billion21.68 million17.33 millionAnalyst Report
Short Interest ↓
News Coverage
Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. stock logo
Powerbridge Technologies
N/A$18.81 million8.08 million17.27 million
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. stock logo
Norwegian Cruise Line
N/A$6.16 billion13.26 million14.57 millionAnalyst Report
BuzzFeed, Inc. stock logo
N/A$102.15 million1.93 million8.77 million
Coupang, Inc. stock logo
133.26$28.37 billion10.60 million7.21 millionInsider Selling
Yandex stock logo
7.12$6.71 billion28.27 million6.72 millionOptions Volume
Gap Up
High Trading Volume
Sabre Co. stock logo
N/A$1.18 billion5.57 million6.60 millionAnalyst Upgrade
Royal Bank of Canada stock logo
Royal Bank of Canada
12.17C$177.78 billion4.45 million4.78 millionUpcoming Earnings
Analyst Report
News Coverage
Trip.com Group Limited stock logo
Trip.com Group
119.90$21.53 billion4.85 million4.62 millionAnalyst Report
News Coverage
Gap Up
Cognizant Technology Solutions Co. stock logo
Cognizant Technology Solutions
14.17$32.29 billion3.77 million4.28 millionAnalyst Report
Insider Selling
American Express stock logo
American Express
16.14$114.07 billion2.35 million3.46 millionAnalyst Report
Matterport, Inc. stock logo
N/A$846.19 million2.14 million2.79 million
Expedia Group, Inc. stock logo
Expedia Group
49.88$14.56 billion2.48 million2.60 millionAnalyst Upgrade
Tripadvisor, Inc. stock logo
N/A$2.28 billion2.56 million2.53 millionAnalyst Report
Air Canada stock logo
Air Canada
N/AC$7.97 billion4.34 million2.48 millionAnalyst Report
Analyst Revision
News Coverage
Bank of Montreal stock logo
Bank of Montreal
5.95C$83.72 billion1.80 million2.40 millionUpcoming Earnings
Analyst Report
Ozon Holdings PLC stock logo
N/A$2.51 billion4.39 million2.16 millionNews Coverage
Gap Up
High Trading Volume
AST SpaceMobile, Inc. stock logo
AST SpaceMobile
N/A$1.05 billion985,1041.86 millionAnalyst Revision
Wheels Up Experience Inc. stock logo
Wheels Up Experience
N/A$78.46 million2.35 million1.78 million
Outfront Media Inc. stock logo
Outfront Media
22.18$2.42 billion1.22 million1.75 million
Chubb Limited stock logo
16.10$83.10 billion1.42 million1.75 millionDividend Increase
Analyst Downgrade
Flora Growth Corp. stock logo
Flora Growth
N/A$32.94 million1.42 million1.61 millionPositive News
Gap Down
Spirit Airlines, Inc. stock logo
Spirit Airlines
N/A$1.72 billion1.28 million1.56 millionUpcoming Earnings
Analyst Report
Spirit Airlines, Inc. stock logo
Spirit Airlines
N/A$1.72 billion1.28 million1.56 million
DLocal Limited stock logo
41.77$4.21 billion3.88 million1.44 millionEarnings Report
News Coverage
Gap Up
High Trading Volume
The Travelers Companies, Inc. stock logo
Travelers Companies
15.63$42.35 billion1.12 million1.43 million
Sonder Holdings Inc. stock logo
N/A$165.75 million8.00 million1.24 millionHigh Trading Volume
YETI Holdings, Inc. stock logo
47.68$3.51 billion839,4821.18 million
Service Properties Trust stock logo
Service Properties Trust
90.11$1.34 billion917,2711.10 millionAnalyst Revision
News Coverage
Remark Holdings, Inc. stock logo
N/A$16.63 million299,983946,185Upcoming Earnings
Analyst Report
News Coverage
Positive News
Royal Bank of Canada stock logo
Royal Bank of Canada
11.78$131.83 billion773,926874,094Upcoming Earnings
Analyst Downgrade
AMN Healthcare Services, Inc. stock logo
AMN Healthcare Services
10.86$3.78 billion517,391807,302Analyst Report
Short Interest ↓
Flywire Co. stock logo
N/A$3.43 billion1.14 million799,948Insider Selling
Thoughtworks Holding, Inc. stock logo
N/A$2.44 billion653,569737,110
Travel + Leisure Co. stock logo
Travel + Leisure
8.49$2.90 billion762,318724,760
Tuniu Co. stock logo
N/A$164.82 million132,390706,539Analyst Report
Getty Images Holdings, Inc. stock logo
Getty Images
N/A$2.40 billion293,911694,953Insider Selling
Analyst Revision
Cross Country Healthcare, Inc. stock logo
Cross Country Healthcare
6.04$909.11 million321,611638,881Analyst Report
Winnebago Industries, Inc. stock logo
Winnebago Industries
6.20$1.79 billion308,041477,113Analyst Report
Inter & Co, Inc. stock logo
Inter & Co, Inc.
126.06$1.01 billion210,898376,697Gap Down
Expensify, Inc. stock logo
N/A$453.54 million1.45 million343,216Insider Selling
High Trading Volume
Acushnet Holdings Corp. stock logo
15.47$3.12 billion349,958336,527Analyst Report
Insider Selling
TravelCenters of America Inc. stock logo
TravelCenters of America
9.03$1.30 billion0334,291
WEX Inc. stock logo
53.61$7.67 billion171,862324,386Analyst Report
HEICO Co. stock logo
68.99$24.46 billion292,207321,036Upcoming Earnings
Analyst Report
MakeMyTrip Limited stock logo
N/A$2.73 billion270,681320,542Analyst Report
Booking Holdings Inc. stock logo
27.27$102.70 billion337,455318,626Analyst Report
Insider Selling
Lindblad Expeditions Holdings, Inc. stock logo
Lindblad Expeditions
N/A$542.62 million198,327315,222Analyst Report
Inspirato Incorporated stock logo
N/A$113.93 million133,337304,856
Despegar.com, Corp. stock logo
N/A$406.27 million714,281302,793Short Interest ↓
News Coverage
High Trading Volume
Otonomo Technologies Ltd. stock logo
Otonomo Technologies
N/A$61.36 million272,480288,742Gap Up
International Bancshares Co. stock logo
International Bancshares
7.94$2.75 billion209,335265,595Analyst Report
Positive News
Treasure Global Inc. stock logo
Treasure Global
N/A$27.77 million97,024247,414Gap Up
Vera Bradley, Inc. stock logo
Vera Bradley
N/A$161.32 million196,903246,326Analyst Report
News Coverage
TowneBank stock logo
9.21$1.67 billion179,897215,219Analyst Report
ExlService Holdings, Inc. stock logo
33.09$5.14 billion152,696211,497Analyst Report
Allegiant Travel stock logo
Allegiant Travel
28.56$1.91 billion104,450205,038Analyst Report
XWELL, Inc. stock logo
N/A$21.01 million117,112198,915Analyst Revision
Positive News
Gap Down
Huize Holding Limited stock logo
N/A$57.02 million34,170189,169News Coverage
Couchbase, Inc. stock logo
N/A$794.98 million256,922166,921
Avalon GloboCare Corp. stock logo
Avalon GloboCare
N/A$17.07 million15,648160,381Upcoming Earnings
PaySign, Inc. stock logo
111.70$175.14 million93,773141,452Analyst Report
Viad Corp stock logo
43.44$497.70 million176,749133,076
Comtech Telecommunications Corp. stock logo
Comtech Telecommunications
N/A$330.19 million98,740129,323Analyst Downgrade
Luokung Technology Corp. stock logo
Luokung Technology
N/A$16.82 million85,844128,106Gap Down
Similarweb Ltd. stock logo
N/A$383.33 million143,317123,712
TELUS International (Cda) Inc. stock logo
TELUS International (Cda)
27.05$1.21 billion60,488122,562
TELUS International (Cda) Inc. stock logo
TELUS International (Cda)
28.25C$1.63 billion98,802113,629Positive News
AdTheorent Holding Company, Inc. stock logo
2.00$122.67 million119,909110,416
Black Diamond Group Limited stock logo
Black Diamond Group
15.34C$409.19 million12,779105,978
IBEX Limited stock logo
20.95$359.34 million230,032104,447Analyst Report
News Coverage
Gap Up
High Trading Volume
Iteris, Inc. stock logo
N/A$191.18 million67,161100,024
Direct Digital Holdings, Inc. stock logo
Direct Digital
23.44$53.18 million32,92396,892
Travelzoo stock logo
15.84$138.25 million158,52896,713Analyst Report
Global Business Travel Group, Inc. stock logo
Global Business Travel Group
N/A$2.91 billion41,33379,568
Selina Hospitality PLC stock logo
Selina Hospitality
N/A$35.36 million158,98078,726News Coverage
Positive News
High Trading Volume
TDCX Inc. stock logo
16.47$1.20 billion30,26676,305
Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited stock logo
Fairfax Financial
16.70C$21.84 billion21,97069,381Analyst Report
Analyst Revision
LuxUrban Hotels Inc. stock logo
LuxUrban Hotels
N/A$96.28 million15,24761,586
Yatra Online, Inc. stock logo
Yatra Online
N/A$123.62 million28,40353,573
uCloudlink Group Inc. stock logo
uCloudlink Group
N/A$115.09 million25,54949,216News Coverage
Positive News
Gap Up
eGain Co. stock logo
N/A$217.35 million134,85248,055Analyst Report
Short Interest ↑
High Trading Volume
Blue World Acquisition
N/A$102.45 million045,507
N/AC$10.67 million1,00043,028Gap Down
System1, Inc. stock logo
N/A$294.50 million33,82139,101Gap Down
Avante Logixx Inc. stock logo
Avante Logixx
N/AC$25.17 million50034,058Gap Down
Marchex, Inc. stock logo
N/A$80.20 million52,51131,494Analyst Report
Gap Up
Mondee Holdings, Inc. stock logo
N/A$788.97 million42,48926,699Analyst Revision
Global Blue Group Holding AG stock logo
Global Blue Group
N/A$973.60 million47,78721,857News Coverage
Gap Up
High Trading Volume
Middlefield Banc Corp. stock logo
Middlefield Banc
8.87$183.72 million12,02618,448Analyst Report
News Coverage
6.90C$22.51 million10,00014,408Gap Down
Altitude Acquisition Corp. stock logo
Altitude Acquisition
N/A$92.53 million3,47513,813
Currency Exchange International, Corp. stock logo
Currency Exchange International
9.82C$149.28 million5808,080
Patriot National Bancorp, Inc. stock logo
Patriot National Bancorp
5.43$29.10 million8526,399Gap Up
Valneva SE stock logo
N/A$970.59 million1,0535,174
Investing in Travel Stocks Benefits

The stocks of travel companies are among the most popular ones in the world. This is because they are a safe investment and have a high return rate. The industry has been growing for decades, and it is expected to continue doing so in the future as well.

There are many types of companies in the travel industry. Some of the most common are tour operators, travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and rental car companies.

Internationally, the travel industry is one of the most important industries in the world. It is a $7 trillion industry that employs more than 250 million people across the globe. It is an industry that has been impacted by many different factors like terrorism, natural disasters, political instability, and most recently, COVID-19.

The industry has been able to bounce back because of travelers' willingness to return to their normal activities. Airlines have also been able to resume flights in affected areas, and hotels have reopened for business.

The United States is the leading country in terms of tourism, with over 75 million international visitors every year. The US travel and tourism industry has been growing steadily for more than 10 years, employing more than 13 million people. It’s also worth noting that the US travel industry generates $1.7 trillion annually, which accounts for 6% of its GDP.

If you’re looking to add some growth potential to your portfolio, you may want to consider investing in travel stocks. The travel industry is growing at a rapid pace, and there are a number of companies that stand to benefit from this trend. One of the main benefits of investing in travel stocks is that you’re diversifying your portfolio. When you invest in companies that are involved in different industries, you’re less likely to experience big losses if one industry hits a downturn.

Another benefit of investing in travel stocks is that the industry has a lot of potential for growth. The global travel industry is expected to grow at a rate of 4.3% per year between now and 2025, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. This growth is being driven by a number of factors, including a growing middle class in emerging markets and an aging population in developed countries. 

If you’re looking for specific travel stocks to invest in, you may want to consider companies like Expedia Group (NASDAQ: EXPE), TripAdvisor (NASDAQ: TRIP), and Booking Holdings (NASDAQ: BKNG). These companies are all leaders in the online travel booking space and stand to benefit from the continued growth of the travel industry.

These days, there's a lot of talk about space tourism stocks. With the recent success of SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, many investors wonder if there's money to be made in the industry. The answer is yes; there are space tourism stocks to buy. But it's important to remember that this is a new industry, and there are risks involved. Here are a few space tourism stocks to consider: 

Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE) 

Virgin Galactic is one of the most well-known space tourism companies. The company was founded by billionaire Richard Branson and has partnerships with Abu Dhabi's Aabar Investments and Boeing (NYSE: BA). Virgin Galactic's main offering is suborbital spaceflight. This means that passengers will experience weightlessness and views of Earth from space, but they will not orbit the planet. 

Astra Space Inc (NASDAQ: ASTR)

Astra is a space technology company founded in 2006 by Chris Kemp and Adam London. Kemp is also a former NASA Chief Technology Officer for IT. Astra has raised over $100 million from investors including Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz, and GV (formerly Google Ventures). The company is headquartered in Alameda, California. Astra's first launch took place in September 2016 from Alaska's Kodiak Island, and the company has since launched over 50 times. 

Astra has also been selected by NASA to provide launch services for the agency's cubesat missions. Astra's technology is based on small satellites, or cubesats, which are less expensive and easier to build and launch than traditional satellites. Astra's launch vehicle, the Rocket 3.0, is designed to launch multiple cubesats into orbit at once. 

There's no doubt about it, travel and tourism stocks have been on a tear over the past few years. And there's no sign of this growth slowing down anytime soon.

With this in mind, let's take a look at three of the best tourism stocks to buy right now.

Marriott International

Marriott International (NASDAQ: MAR) is the world's largest hotel company, with more than 6,700 properties across 130 countries and territories. The company is benefiting from strong global demand for travel, as well as its own aggressive expansion plans.

Marriott is on track to open more than 1,700 new hotels over the next three years, including several new brands such as Moxy, Aloft, and Element. The company is also in the process of acquiring Starwood Hotels & Resorts, which will add another 1,300 properties to its portfolio.

Marriott's expansion plans are being funded by strong cash flow from operations. This cash flow is being used to fund Marriott's expansion plans and share repurchases, and dividends.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean Cruises (NYSE: RCL) is the world's second-largest cruise operator, with a fleet of 44 ships across its Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Azamara brands. The company is benefiting from strong global demand for cruises, as well as its own expansion plans.

Royal Caribbean is in the process of adding five new ships to its fleet over the next three years. The company is also working on a number of initiatives to drive growth, including a new loyalty program, a new reservations system, and a new pricing strategy.

Royal Caribbean's shares have been on a roller coaster ride over the past year, but the stock still looks attractive at its current level.

Wynn Resorts

Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ: WYNN) is one of the world's leading casino and resort operators, with properties in Las Vegas, Macau, and Massachusetts. The company is benefiting from strong demand for gambling and entertainment in Macau, as well as its own expansion plans.

Wynn Resorts is in the process of building a new $4.1 billion casino resort in Cotai, Macau.

Travel and tourism stocks have been on a tear over the past few years, and there's no sign of this growth slowing down anytime soon. With this in mind, Marriott International, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Wynn Resorts look attractive right now.

The travel booking industry has been on the rise in recent years, with online travel booking sites becoming increasingly popular. This has led to a boom in the stock market for companies in this industry. There are a few reasons behind this trend. First, the industry is growing thanks to the rise of online bookings rapidly. This has made it easier than ever for people to book their travel plans, and has led to a boom in the industry. 

Second, the industry is becoming more competitive. With more companies entering the market, there is more competition for customers. This is driving down prices and making it easier for consumers to find good deals on travel bookings. 
Finally, the industry is becoming more consolidated. A few years ago, there were a lot of small travel booking companies. However, the industry has since consolidated, with a few large companies now controlling the majority of the market. This has led to increased efficiency and lower prices for consumers.

Overall, the travel booking industry is in a great position. The industry is growing rapidly, becoming more competitive, and consolidating. This is good news for investors, as the industry is poised for continued growth in the years to come.

One reason travel stocks go up and down is due to the cyclical nature of the travel industry. The industry is very dependent on the overall health of the economy and consumer confidence. When the economy is strong and consumers are confident, they are more likely to travel and spend money on travel-related expenses. However, when the economy is weak or there is a lot of uncertainty, consumers are more likely to cut back on travel. This cyclicality can cause travel stocks to be very volatile. 

Another reason travel stocks may go up or down is due to changes in the competitive landscape. New entrants into the market can put pressure on existing players, leading to lower profits and stock prices. Conversely, if a major competitor exits the market, it can create an opportunity for other players to increase market share and profits. Lastly, travel stocks can be affected by external events that are not necessarily related to the travel industry. For example, a terrorist attack in a popular tourist destination can lead to a decrease in travel to that area. This can have a ripple effect on the stock prices of travel-related companies.

Here's a look at three travel ETFs that are worth considering if one is looking for exposure to the travel industry without buying stocks.

iShares Global Consumer Discretionary ETF (NYSEARCA: RXI) The iShares Global Consumer Discretionary ETF is one of the simplest and most effective ways to gain exposure to the travel industry. The fund tracks companies in the consumer discretionary sector, which includes companies involved in all aspects of travel, from airlines and hotel operators to online travel booking companies and cruise operators. With more than 60 holdings, the ETF offers broad and diversified exposure to the industry. And with an expense ratio of just 0.50%, it's one of the most affordable travel ETFs on the market. 

Vanguard Consumer Discretionary ETF (NYSEARCA: VCR) If you're looking for a more diversified exposure to the travel industry, this could be  The fund tracks the S&P Developed Ex-U.S. Consumer Discretionary Sector Index, which includes companies involved in a variety of industries, including travel, retail, media, and gaming. While the fund offers a more diversified exposure to the consumer discretionary sector, travel stocks still make up a significant portion of the portfolio. With more than 80 holdings, the fund offers a broad exposure to the international consumer discretionary sector. 

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